Fireplace #23: Swing Handle Damper with Supports and High Flue Tile

These Swing Handle Dampers are very common in masonry fireplaces of solid brick or stone. These are their characteristics:

  • They have a long rectangular sheet iron damper frame and matching door.
  • The door has a straight cast iron handle sticking down attached to a horizontal support. (image 23-2)
  • The handle swings forward and back.
  • All of the hardware is welded or bolted and is not removable.
  • The damper door is almost straight vertical when closed.
  • There are sometimes welded metal horizontal bracers below the damper (image 23-2)

This damper style is best sealed with a long rectangle Flueblocker (image 23-3). You will measure the length and depth of the area right above the horizontal bracket (image 23-4). The Flueblocker will lay right on top of those horizontal brackets. You will need to cut a small slit in the Flueblocker wool pad to accommodate the straight metal damper handle to stick through (image 23-3). Since you are threading the wool pad through a tight triangular area, it is easiest to thread the wool pad into place above the horizontal supports without the black plastic Flueblocker handles attached (image 23-3).