Q: Jason, I am very interested in this fantastic Chimney Balloon product. I live in Australia – do you have any reps here that I can purchase one from??

I have a ‘Coonara’ style fireplace.  It’s a freestanding wood fire with glass door and a flue that goes up into the plaster roof lining and up outside where it has a pointed swivel thing that moves with the direction of the wind.  My problem is that when its windy we have an enormous amount of wind noise that belts down the flue, even with the flue closed.  Can I use one of your products?? If so would I have to take the swivel thing off of the roof to add the Chimney Balloon? Thanks very much for taking the time to read my question and I await in anticipation your response. Regards, CS

A: Dear CS, Thank you for your interest in Chimney Balloons. First I will answer your question about the chimney. The weather- vain on the top will not interfere with the Chimney Balloon installation at all, but it may be causing some of the wind noise you are experiencing. Also, the Chimney Balloon should work well with a Coonara style fireplace as long as you can access the flue.

For ordering, you will receive better service through the Australian distributor which can be reached through the website www.chimneyballoons.com.au