Bat in Chimney

Q: Jason, I have quite a few bats in my chimney. I had one sneak down through the damper last night and start flying around the house until I whacked him. This bat thing is not cool! Will a Chimney Balloon keep them out of the house and how do I get the bats out of the chimney? – BG

A: Hi BG, I have had to whack a few interior bats in my day too. The little critters can get through a gap as small as 3/8 inch so they can get in about anywhere. A fireplace chimney damper is often as good of a place as any to gain entry to your home since there are often gaps in the damper door once they start warping from the heat.

Here is what you do… Get a Chimney Balloon installed just above your damper door and seal the flue nice and tight and inflate the Chimney Balloon nice and tight. Then go to the roof (if you have access to the chimney and take a cloth bag with some moth balls in it and toss it down the chimney so it lands on the top of the Chimney Balloon. The mothballs will annoy the bats and they will fly up and out to get away from it. Make sure you don’t just do the mothballs without the Chimney Balloon though since you could end up coaxing them right into the house if you don’t have the chimney sealed off above the hearth.

Since the Chimney Balloon is in there tight the smell from the mothballs should stay in the chimney not enter the home.