Lock Top Damper Cable

Q: Jason, I have a 113-year-old house with 6 fireplaces … they were originally coal-burning units .. they all have the lymance lock top damper on the top of the chimney … will the Chimney Balloon work with that configuration? – GB

A: GB, WOW 6 fireplaces! that has to be some kind of record! It is very wise that you have a chimney top damper on these chimneys, however the chimney top damper still allows the warm air of your home to rise up into the chimney and cool in the chimney and sink back down. You may notice a slow cool release of air from your fireplaces. That cool air is likely not outside air, but just cooled inside air sinking back down again. We have had customers with chimney top dampers that have used the Chimney Balloon on the bottom of their chimney in addition to their top damper and it has made a difference. With 6 chimneys the difference would be significant.

Q: Jason, thanks for the response … one of my concerns is if the damper cable will interfere with the Chimney Balloon sealing property. And if I am using a Chimney Balloon and a lock top damper … could I just use a Chimney Balloon, and not bother with the lock top damper? – GB

A: GB, Recently a homeowner in Detroit asked me the same question you are asking when he ordered 3 Chimney Balloons for his home. He had Lock-top dampers just like you, on all three chimneys as well. After he installed the Chimney Balloon he reported that it sealed just fine despite the chain or cable. The Chimney Balloon simply presses the chain or cable against the flue wall if the cable is relaxed. Or if the cable or chain is tight, the Chimney Balloon will envelop and expand around the cable causing no noticeable leak or draft. To read more on how to deal with the tight cable read this article: http://www.chimneyballoonusa.com/blog/2007/11/my-lock-top-or-.html As for your second question… a Chimney Balloon can work just fine all by itself. – Jason