Q: Jason, I have a wood buring fireplace and I installed glass doors from Home Depot. Can I close the doors while a fire is burning? – TS

A: TS, You will definitely lose less heat from your home if you burn with them closed. Granted you will be loosing out on some of that nice radiant heat that the fire is kicking out, but it is better to forfeit that than to give your fireplace open throttle to suck the heat out of your home.

I burn with my fireplace doors closed every time I use the fireplace. However, I do not use my fireplace much since it is such a losing battle to heat my home when I use it. When I do use it…it is nice and toasty warm up next to the fire and the rest of the house gets frigid cold because of the chimney air draw. I have resigned myself to using it in the fall and just plugging it with a Chimney Balloon for the other 3 seasons.- Jason