Chimney Balloon 96x33D

Q: Jason – I bought a Chimney Balloon a week ago and I thought I knew the size of my fireplace flue so I bought a 9×9 without measuring my flue or damper area. Now I see the tube type chimney is actually in need of a 12×12 to seal it up well. Can I exchange my Chimney Balloon? – TW

A: TW – The returns department will certainly work with you on this. Clean up your Chimney Balloon as best as you can and collapse and refold it so it is in as close to original condition as possible. If the Chimney Balloon is sooty from an attempted install, inflate it fully and rinse it off in your shower. Do not use anything abrasive (like a brush or brillo pad) to remove the soot. Just scrub stubborn spots with your finger or a little liquid dish detergent if needed. Keep the Chimney Balloon inflated and allow it to air dry overnight before you fold it up.

Package up your clean Chimney Balloon along with a copy of your receipt in a padded envelope, but DO NOT include your clear inflation tube or instruction card in the envelope. Write on your receipt a reason for the return and the size of replacement Chimney Balloon your require. Retain your inflation tube and an instruction card in your possession to use with your replacement Chimney Balloon.

Address your padded envelope to:
Chimney Balloon USA
Attn: Returns Dept
2123 N Pontiac Drive
Janesville, WI 53545

Be sure to use a Postal or courier service that has the ability to track your package. Chimney Balloon LLC cannot accept responsibility for a product that is not received. UPS or US mail with delivery confirmation is acceptable forms of tracking to ensure delivery.

When the returns department receives your returned Chimney Balloon they will test and inspect it to ensure it is in acceptable condition. Then a representative will contact you via phone or email to find out what size you require and help you with measurements.

In case you are wondering we do not sell returned Chimney Balloons as new on our website. We do further testing of the returned Chimney Balloons to ensure they are in “like new” condition. Then a couple of times per year we post our “like new” Chimney Balloons on eBay at a discount.

You can read more about this on the Blog about “Like New” discounted Chimney Balloons.