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Q: Who can come out to measure the size needed for the installation of the Chimney Balloon? Do they install?

A: If you prefer not to do the sizing and install of a Chimney Balloon yourself, you can have your local chimney sweep do it. Most Chimney Sweeps are already familiar with the product. It is good to have a chimney cleaned every so often anyway to remove dangerous creosote buildup. When the chimney sweep comes over to clean your chimney you can show him or her the sizing page on this website (or you can email them about it in advance) and they can certainly size a Chimney Balloon up for you according to the directions. It is a very simple measurement, so it should not cost any extra in labor.

Installation of a Chimney Balloon is even easier than measuring for one, this page shows how it is installed. http://www.chimneyballoon.us/chimneyballooninstall.html
But you could call any chimney sweep to install it as well. That will likely cost you another house call though.