Q: Dear Jason, I have a chimney which used to be used for a wood burning stove.  We removed the stove and wish to stop the cold air entering the house through the round chimney hole that is left.  Basically, there is a hole in the wall of our house that leads to the chimney and I just have it covered with a loose fitting metal cover.  Can your chimney pillow work in this situation?

My husband was thinking of stuffing the chimney hole in the wall with fiberglass, would this work? – EE

A: Dear EE,  I am willing to bet you will find the diameter of that pipe to be 9″ or less so a 9×9 Chimney Balloon will work well. If it is over 9″ then you may need to go with a 12×12 Chimney Balloon.

If you call in your order we can adopt a 9×9 for you to have an extra short 3″ handle on it, so it is easier to put in the chimney pipe and clear the wall.

You will find the Chimney Balloon will air seal and insulate in one shot better than the fiberglass plug. The basement is generally the location that the home will draw in the air the strongest at due to the air stack effect in the home. The air will pass right through a fiberglass plug, but it won’t be able to draw through a Chimney Balloon. – Jason