Q: Jason, I have a pot belly stove with a bad damper on it. Can I use this Chimney Balloon to stop up the chimney?I believe the stove pipe is 8.25″ ID – PS

A: Dear PS, If you can reach into your stove and touch the location where the chimney meets the stove you can use a  9×9 Chimney Balloon.

You will put the Chimney Balloon into the pipe right where it attaches to the firebox. The handle of the Chimney Balloon will be sticking into the firebox and the Chimney Balloon will plug the pipe. Most of the time on a pot belly stove the butterfly damper is ways up the flue pipe so that will not be a factor at all. I would recommend you put the Chimney Balloon reminder card on the pot belly stove handle if you use that stove at all.- Jason