Dust and Ash

Q: Jason, I rent a very old house – built 1927 and I have 5 unused chimneys. Besides helping with the drafts and the odors – will the Chimney Balloon also stop some of the dust that is coming in through the old chimneys? – EL

A: Hi EL, Yes, The Chimney Balloon will offer a tight seal that will stop the dust and soot from falling down your chimney and circulating about the house in two ways.

1) The Chimney Balloon will close off the fireplace low and tight to eliminate the air movement that transports the dust.

2) The Chimney Balloon will also seal off the dust that is up in the chimney so it cannot fall down to the firebox area. Some people also use the Chimney Balloon to prevent Asian beetles, bats, wasps, spiders, and other little critters from entering their home through the chimney flue.

I hope this answers your question thoroughly. – Jason