Q: Jason, I am very interested in a Chimney Balloon for my fireplace damper. I have a question that does not appear to be answered in your FAQ’s. How do you install a Chimney Balloon with a dampener handle sticking down into the firebox area? I cannot remove the handle and it would seem to be an object preventing a seal. I am sure there is an answer to this and await your reply. – DS

A: Hi DS, I don’t mean to be picky about vocabulary (It was not my strong suit in school either) but the correct word for the metal door in the fireplace is a “fireplace damper“. It is a common slip of the tongue, people call them dampers all the time.

In your particular application, I would recommend that you take your Chimney Balloon measurement above the damper opening. This location will get your Chimney Balloon up and out of the way of the damper hardware that is below the damper door.

From the picture, it looks like the damper is nice and low, but photos of flues can be deceiving in depth. If you cannot easily touch the damper door with two hands I would recommend you purchase a HEK valve extender with your Chimney Balloon to make the inflation go easier. – Jason