Q: Jason, I have two issues. The website indicates that the chimney pillow should go above the damper. Our damper is about 4 feet up the chimney chute. It’s attached to a chain and when open, the damper bisects the flue in an up and down position. Would we still position a pillow above the damper? How?

Also, We have a set of vents below the damper on all four sides. There are about 6 horizontal vents per side and they extend from right below the damper to about 8 inches below. Can I install over those? – SS

A: Dear SS, It sounds like you have a Heatelator brand fireplace. I have done many installs like this one you described. As a matter of fact, there was a condo association in IL that had hundreds of these Heatelator fireplaces with butterfly dampers and vents underneath just as you described. See attached picture.

You will find a small ledge just above the firebrick lining the firebox. That ledge is a perfect spot to install a 36×15 Chimney Balloon. That area is trapezoid in shape but the 36×15 will have enough material to plug it anyway. See attached picture of Chimney Balloon installed. – Jason