Should I use a Chimney Balloon, a Flueblocker, or a Chimella for my chimney?

A: This depends upon what problem you want to fix and what damper configuration you have. Use our product selector tool.

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My damper is closed, but why is my fireplace so cold?

A: Metal dampers are 300+ year old technology, and they have some key weaknesses.

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I closed the damper, but why does my fireplace stink in the summer?

A: Fireplaces are lined with odiferous ash and creosote, and they tend to reverse their draft in the summer.

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I noticed that my heating bills go up when I use the fireplace. Why is that?

Fireplaces accelerate the stack effect in a house, and that wastes fuel and heat.

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How can I stop bird and airplane noise from coming down the chimney?

A: Noisy birds hanging out at your chimney top can be annoying. There are some ways to mitigate the noise.

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My energy audit said I need a Chimney Balloon. What size do I get?

A:  A Chimney Balloon may be just what the doctor ordered for your chimney. But first visit our chimney product selection tool to see what type of damper and chimney configuration you have.

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I don’t know a “flue” from a “flapper”. What are the parts of a fireplace?

Please see our diagram of the parts of a fireplace. It also includes definitions.

Visit Our Diagram of the Parts of a Fireplace

I have a Chimney Balloon, but it is deflating. Is it punctured, or is the valve bad?

Some chimney applications are just too rough for inflatable chimney plugs. But there are more durable options to plug your flue.

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