Fireplace Damper

[Q: Jason, I previously ordered a 9X9 Chimney Balloon fireplace damper and it works fine for the flue (size 8″ diameter). What I don’t like about it is that the flue is about 5″ higher than the 12″ X 16″ smoke chamber. So when I place the 9×9 Chimney Balloon in the flue I have to really reach to get a good fit.

Instead of getting your extension rod I figure it would be best to try and get another balloon to fit the 12 X 16 area above the damper. As I mentioned the 12 X 16 area (smoke chamber?) has only a 5-inch height then the flue begins. So if I understand you correctly order a custom 12 X 18 and this would seal the area above my damper (12 X 16 X 5)
Thanks, DT

A: Hi DT, You can send back your current 9×9 Chimney Balloon and get a custom 18×12. It would work well for a 12″x16″ area. Remember, a Custom Chimney Balloon requires a 14 day build time. You could order a standard 24×12 that would ship right away, but I am concerned there will be too much extra Chimney Balloon material. It really would be worth the wait to get the correct size. – Jason