Chimney Balloon sizing

Q: Jason, I have read in your Chimney Balloon sizing instructions that I need to find a location in my flue or firebox to install a Chimney Balloon that has roughly parallel walls on at least 2 sides so the Chimney Balloon can lodge itself in place during installation. In my fireplace 2 sides of the walls of the firebox taper upwards to a damper that is controlled (or actuated) by 2 chains (See picture). Does this mean I can measure the area below my damper (where the ruler is in my picture) and install the Chimney Balloon there? If yes, what do I do with the chains? – SH

A: Dear SH, Thank you for the picture, that did help to clarify what you are looking at. And yes, you can measure and install the Chimney Balloon in the area below your damper in this case. When you install the Chimney Balloon either push the chains to the side or allow them to rest on the top side of the Chimney Balloon. To get the proper sized Chimney Balloon you will want to measure the area where your folding carpenter’s ruler is at in this picture. If your measurement is 24″x28″ then buy a Chimney Balloon that is at least that size and it wouldn’t hurt to buy one slightly larger in both width and length. – Jason