Chimney Balloons

The Chimney Balloon has become quite a topic of conversation for green energy and green tech bloggers.

The Chimney Balloon is referred to in so many ways. People call it: “an inflatable baffle, chimney seal, flue baffle, inflatable damper, chimney plug, chimney draft stopper, even a draft dodger!

Here is a link to an article that was written by a very well respected green blogger on the Plant Green website, his name is Josh Peterson:

“…That is where a Chimney Balloon comes in. A Chimney Balloon or Chimney Pillow is a reusable, durable plastic balloon that fits in the chimney under the flue and blocks out the cold air. Inflate the balloon and wedge it up near the flue. A Chimney Balloon can save you about $200-$500 dollars a year in heating costs.

Don’t forget to remove the Chimney Balloon before you start a fire. You should put a note on the fireplace door to remind you that the Chimney Balloon is up there. If exposed to heat, the Chimney Balloon will deflate. I assume it just falls into the fire at that point. It’s like a Chimney Balloon Icarus…” Click here to read the whole article