Issue: Millions of households across the United States are losing precious heat through inefficient, warped and improperly sealed chimneys. And it’s not just northern region homes.

According to Department of Energy statistics, chimney flues properly sealed for winter months can save more than 30 percent on an average heating bill. Calculated during a four-month period, a medium-sized home can save $300 each winter season.

So why are so many not utilizing technologies offered by products like the Chimney Balloon? Difficult to install, don’t have the time, don’t know what I can do, and where do I start, are just a few of the remarks Jason Raddenbach hears as he educates homeowners on heating efficiency. Simply put, the Chimney Balloon is a product designed to stop heat from escaping up the chimney during cold months, and cold air from leaking out of the home during summer months.

It’s a specially engineered polyethylene bag-like product available in hundreds of sizes. It’s easily installed by inserting the bag into the chimney flue, and inflating the bag until the edges are securely sealed against all sides of the flue. The balloon requires a yearly maintenance check and can be effective for more than five years. Available on the web at and a cost of approximately $40, it’s a simple solution for an expensive problem.