Energy Audits

Last week I hosted a press open house at my home in Janesville to show how simple home envelope sealing like using the Chimney Balloon and adding insulation can save a homeowner money. I invite Mark Furst from Grading Spaces LLC and Bob Wilson from Janesville Insulation to come and show how they can help a homeowner save heat and energy. The Janesville Messanger wrote a story on the helpfulness of Energy Audits and used my home and testimony as an example. Below is a small excerpt from the article:

“After sealing up his home, Raddenbach decided to join the energy-efficiency industry. He was so impressed by the Chimney Balloon a device inserted into the chimney to stop fireplace drafts  he wrote a letter to the devices manufacturer.

He now is the manufacturers sales representative for North America, and said the product continues to gain popularity.

Sales have just taken off, he said. More people are concerned about the same thing we were.”  The above quote is witten By Sarah Zeller copyright belongs to CSI Media.

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