Ebay Chimney Balloon

Q: Jason – I read in the Chimney Balloon USA blog that you liquidate your “like new” Chimney Balloons on eBay a couple of times per year. I would like to know when you do that. -GG

A: GG – This is not information that we circulate a lot, but yes we do liquidate our “like new” and used Chimney Balloon stock a few times per year. This usually takes place in the summer months when our return team has time to test and list the remanufactured and incorrect size returns. If you wish to know when we are selling these Chimney Balloons you can add Chimney Balloon USA (our eBay seller name) to your favorite seller’s list. eBay will notify you when we list these Chimney Balloon products.

Rest assured these “like new” Chimney Balloons have been tested to ensure they function properly, but you may notice they are not perfectly folded and can sometimes have small traces of soot from a previous installation. – Jason

Open Round Center Pivot Butterfly Damper High Above the Fireplace.