Q: Jason, I spoke to you on the phone about my double sided fireplace. There is about 3.5″ from the bottom of the flue to the top of the arched opening into the family room. The dims are 42″ x 27.5″. None of your customer sizes looked like they would work. Can i get one 45″ x 31″? How much(go easy on me)? I live in Ohio. – KK

A: Dear KK, I would go for the exact size that you need since these large Chimney Balloons can be pricey. A 42×27 Chimney Balloon is a rather large Custom Chimney Balloon. I put that size on our Chimney Balloon custom page for you in case this is what you decide to do. Here is a link to the 42×27 order page, it costs $139.99.

You may find a better location to install a Chimney Balloon if you look for a spot with parallel walls either above or below the damper. Keep in mind you can use an HEK handle extender to install the Chimney Balloon higher. Large Chimney Balloons are difficult to make properly and require a lot of material so they do cost more than the smaller models. – Jason