Chimney Balloon saves homeowners more than 30 percent on home heating

JANESVILLE, Wis. (December 28, 2006) – Chimney Balloon, USA today is issuing a notice to homeowners across the United States that warped, inefficient, and improperly sealed chimney flues can add hundreds of unnecessary dollars to home heating bills. And it’s not too late to fix the problem.

Plastic wrap around windows, checking for gaps, cracks, and holes, extra insulation and storm windows are all great methods to keep heat in the home during winter months. But millions of homes fail to stop the often noisy, cold draft from chimneys. A draft that can be easily fixed with an inexpensive, easily-installed product like the Chimney Balloon.
“It’s as simple as blowing up a Chimney Balloon, and you never have to climb up on the roof,” notes Jason Raddenbach of Chimney Balloon. “Homeowners can order the product online, install it within minutes, and with a simple yearly check for any damage and extra inflation, the product can last more than five years. For an investment of $40, the solution is simple.”

Millions of households across the nation have seldom-used or dormant fireplaces. The Chimney Balloon is a solution to stop drafts from entering the home and heat from escaping. More than half of the homes built in 2005 had fireplaces, and many homeowners are installing fireplaces to add value.

For more information, a product sample, or to schedule an interview with Jason Raddenbach, contact Mark Mahoney with the above information.

Chimney Balloon is a specially engineered polyethylene bag-like product, introduced to the United States in 2005. The product was designed in the United Kingdom, where millions of homeowners have experienced the ease, and return on investment the draft-stopping device offers.

About Chimney Balloon
Chimney Balloon™ is a reusable inflatable device that is inserted into your chimney to stop the cold draft that is the result of having a missing, damaged, or warped damper. Installing a Chimney Balloon above your fireplace damper can save the average homeowner $300 per heating season. If a fireplace has a severely damaged, warped, or missing damper the savings can be well over $500 per heating season.