12″ x 12″ square


  • Designed to plug a 12”x12” square flue tile. (Actual pad size is 13”x13”.)
  • Pressure-fit stops fireplace flue drafts, debris, smells, and pests.
  • Air barrier to eliminate bad chimney smells and bird noise.
  • Double felted Herdwick wool construction is durable even in rough chimney environments.
  • Can be trimmed with scissors to fit smaller openings.
  • Cannot be used in a functional gas log fireplace.


The Flueblocker is designed to be pushed into the narrow part of the chimney above the firebox. They are to be used only when the fire is out. The wool press-fits into the shape of the chimney flue, and holds itself in place with a pressure fit. Just push the wool pad into the narrow part of the flue, then tug it down gently to ensure a good fit. When you want to light the fire, simply pull the Flueblocker down and put it in a bag. Each Flueblocker automatically comes with a 6” or 12” handle option. If the distance from the top of the fireplace to the chimney throat is more than 12”, then you may need to get a 6” extension rod.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 1 in