Chimney Balloon Cropped

Q: Jason, I purchased two Chimney Balloons. I have two zero clearance fireplaces and there is no way to put the Chimney Balloon above the damper and still be able to reach the air valve. I am disappointed in this design. I can’t be the first person to have this problem, so please tell me how to make this work. – KB

A: Dear KB, I have a prefab zero clearance fireplace in my home just like yours. These fireplaces tend to have higher dampers and a higher location that is easy to put a Chimney Balloon in. This is the very reason we sell the HEK extender for the Chimney Balloon. If we just made the handle longer in the general design of the Chimney Balloon then it would be too long for most applications and it would make the Chimney Balloon more visible when installed. So the Chimney Balloon Handle valve HEK extender is the ticket for you to have an easier go of using your Chimney Balloon. – Jason