How to get a 30% discount rebate for Flueblocker and Chimney Balloon and other insulation and air sealing?

The US Department of Energy and Energy Star have worked together to provide details on the 30% tax rebate on residential insulation and air sealing tax credit starting in 2023.

The Chimney Balloon and the Flueblocker both are in accordance with IECC 2009 code, and thus qualify for the rebate.

According to the Energy Information Administration energy costs are at a 10 year high. That makes many homeowners interested in improving the air sealing and insulation on their home, to make it more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool. Whether you want to DIY the improvements or hire a professional, you can claim up to $1200 in rebates just on insulation and air sealing.

Below is a video from the IRS on how to apply for the Energy Tax Credits on insulation and how to apply the rebate for Flueblocker and Chimney Balloon.

Generally the payback in energy savings on installing a Flueblocker or Chimney Balloon chimney draught stopper is within 12 months. But with this 30% rebate on air sealing, it pays you back even faster.
Insulation is not as sexy as a bathroom remodel, but it  is considered the fastest payback home improvement you can do.

Sometimes we run special manufacturer discount rebates for Flueblocker and Chimney Balloon and products. Contact us to see if we have any new promo codes or rebate for Flueblocker and Chimney Balloon.