Q: I accidentally ignited my gas fireplace under my Chimney Balloon (someone had removed the red reminder card from the gas spigot). It fell out of the chimney within 10 seconds. Can I patch the burn hole in my Chimney Balloon? At what temperature does the Chimney Balloon melt and burst? – JG

A: JG, Well your Chimney Balloon did exactly what it is supposed to do when a fire is lit under it, but unfortunately it is not repairable when melted. The hole is going to be just too big.

The answer to your second question is 180 – 220 degrees Fahrenheit it the average melting point of the Chimney Balloon if it is exposed to flame. Your gas fireplace came up to that temperature very rapidly, as gas fireplaces tend to do. Wood fireplaces tend to get to temperature a little slower, but it doesn’t take long for the Chimney Balloon to sacrifice its life for yours. – Jason