This is an article that was written by CCI’s Brad Wray about the top 10 home energy myths. CCI has done thousands of home energy audits on the home since 1979 so they know all the bad information out there about home energy. They also know all the good information so they can pass that on to you!

Read and Learn about the top 10 energy myths. Here is a short excerpt from their article:

Myth 9: Fiberglass Insulation alone will stop cold air from coming into your home.

While insulating is important, the job is not done until a home has been air sealed. Air sealing is the process of stopping air leaks and drafts which often occur though cracks between drywall and baseboards, windows, doors and any holes in an exterior surface. Insulating is like putting on a warm winter sweater, while air sealing is like putting on a windbreaker so that air doesn’t blow right through the sweater. Lets say you’ve got a hole in your attic floor where you can feel cold or warm air coming through. Putting a piece of insulation in this hole accomplishes very little. Air passes through most types of insulation quite easily. What you need to do is block the hole off using drywall or fiberboard and then insulate it with fiberglass batt or loose fill. Or better yet, hit two birds with one stone by using insulating foam board with a foil back, it blocks air and resists temperature differences. These items can all be purchased at your local hardware store.

8. Myth: Microwaves use a lot of electricity.

The simple explanation to this energy myth is that in the past microwaves used a whole lot of electricity…”
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